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YouTube Live Stream recently kicked off, and you may or may not have already seen some live streams of your favorite YouTubers/channels. While YouTube has always been famous for letting individuals put up videos of themselves or something they filmed in order to reach a large following of fans who enjoy watching them, it has become much more than just that. Sure, while browsing through all the popular videos on YouTube, you will notice product reviews, parodies, movie trailers, people commenting on their favorite shows, DIY tutorials, tech repairs, advice videos, and more. YouTube is a jungle of everything you might be interested in watching, but with this new live stream, businesses can now take advantage of this site and market their business brand and themselves.

Getting Started with YouTube Live Stream

  • To get going, you will need a YouTube account. So if you don’t already have one, create one.
  • youtube live streamThen, you will see your icon at the top right of your computer screen. This is your Google icon where you can add other accounts and sign out. When you click on that icon, you will notice the “Creator Studio” tab, which will take you to the live stream section of YouTube. This step is very crucial, as you need to access Creator Studio in order to be able to change the title of your live video, create a description, add a category, select your stream options, and setup your encoding software.

In the video below, you will see an in-depth tutorial on how to use this live stream effectively.

Ways to Market with YouTube Live Stream

When we say market, we do not mean creating videos showcasing your upcoming business products. After all, you can do that in a regular YouTube video. The point of the live stream is to show potential viewers what is going on in the present time, and this should be something people will be interested in. Otherwise, no one will care about your business, your brand, or your product. So how can you use this live stream?

A good way to use this live stream feature on YouTube is to create a behind the scenes live video. For instance, if you are a company who is in the process of showcasing a beta of your product, you could create a behind the scenes live stream introducing the team and showing a test-run of your product.

On the other hand, if you are looking to market yourself as an individual (perhaps you are an author, an athlete, a fantastic origami maker, a real-estate agent, etc.), you can use this live stream feature to create a live interview, a Q&A, a live reading of a chapter of your book, give a tour of your large workstation, and/or show a behind the scenes of your political campaign (if you are a government figure).


There are tons of ways to market with YouTube Live Stream, but you need to figure out what could be done with this feature that cannot be done in a regular video. Live stream lets you reach your followers, or potential followers and fans, in that moment so you can interact with them, answer questions to their live chat comments, show people exactly what they are interested in seeing right there and then, and learn more about your target audience.


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