socialmaskedOver the past few years, new social media channels have come to life and blossomed, so you find more and more photos and status updates being published all over the internet. If you are trying to market in Orlando, then internet marketing Orlando through these new channels is just as important as marketing through the older, more prominent channels. We all know about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, but here are some new social media channels to keep an “eye” on:

Pinterest Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests, and while most people use it to “pin” their “interests,” you can also use it to share your cool product with the users on this channel. You can even share blogs from your company’s website on Pinterest by “pinning” directly from your site. This is an easy feature that allows you to pretty much copy your link over to Pinterest, and then people can pin your post. The more pins you get, the more opportunity of you being found.

Tumblr This social media channel allows you to post anything, customize everything, and find and follow what you love. You can upload photos or create blog posts. This is great because you can post your website’s blogs on Tumblr and have this channel’s users find your company. You can also post photos of your product or even of the people behind the company’s success. This is a fantastic marketing tool for internet marketing Orlando.

Instagram Capture and share the world’s moments with this channel. Instagram is a free and simple way to share your life and keep up with other people. Take a picture or video, then customize it with filters and creative tools. Post it on Instagram and share instantly on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more—or send it directly as a private message. Find people to follow based on things you’re into, and be part of an inspirational community. Although you can’t post blogs on Instagram, you can post photos with relevant hashtags to help people find your company and/or product. You can also leave a link back to your website with each photo you post.


Vine Vine is the best way to see and share life in motion. Create short, beautiful, looping videos in a simple and fun way for your friends and family to see. While each video is short, you can use that feature to capture quick, fun and/or hilarious videos related to your company, product, service, or the people behind the scenes at the company. This will allow people to see what a fun, down-to-earth company you are and what wonderful products/services you provide.

YouTube Share your videos with friends, family, and the world with this social media channel. Although YouTube has been around for some time, companies and businesses often fail to see its marketing value. People are constantly using YouTube to listen to music and watch funny clips, interviews, DIY videos, reviews, and so much more. So why not use YouTube to market your company? Create a short video about your product or put up a testimonial from your customers. You can even create a “helpful tips” video that is relevant to what you sell or market.

Yelp This social media channel gives user reviews and recommendations of top restaurants, shopping, nightlife, entertainment, services, and more. This is wonderful because Yelp allows you to literally review and recommend yourself in your Orlando community. You can get all your customers to leave reviews for you, and the better service they say you provide, the greater the chance of people coming to your business or buying from your company.

These six social media channels are only a few among hundreds of others out there; however, they are highly useful for internet marketing Orlando. So start putting your company or business out into the world by having an online presence. You will notice an increase in customers and your success will rise.

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