leadsonlineThe key to generating leads online is following the proven methodology of attracting visitors to your site; converting that visit to a lead via call-to-actions and landing pages; and then nurturing that lead to become a paying customer. When it comes to generating leads, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Your website, along with your social media accounts, should be used as tools to generate leads. Through making your presence available to all your clients and prospects by using various online platforms, your business will grow. However, in order to utilize these tools successfully, you need to have a working plan.

Here are the most important tips to follow in order to generate leads:

Sharing Great Content No matter what your business is, you should be making and sharing great content online. Without content, your current followers would become disinterested in your business, and you would never catch the attention of a new client or customer. Therefore, you should be blogging on your website, tweeting, posting to your Facebook page, putting up interesting articles on LinkedIn, and maybe even using Instagram to share engaging photos of your business and community. Doing these, with an emphasis on blogging, will help you generate leads online. You should create a blog post at least twice a week and make the content relevant to what your buyer persona is interested in. Plus, these blog posts can be shared on your social media accounts. On Twitter, for example, you would tweet a short sentence taken from your blog with useful keywords (hashtags) and a link to your blog post. When potential customers are searching for specific keywords, they’ll find your blog and become your followers. This will push people further down the funnel toward being leads.

Generating Leads Directly and Indirectly When sharing great content, you should do so without constantly talking about your business and how great it is. The only thing that does is make your customers and potential customers dislike you, as you are forcibly trying to make them like you and buy from you. For instance, 80-90% of your social media postings should offer up great content your audience will love, and the other 10-20% of the postings should push a more direct sale. After all, in order to generate leads, you need to create a connection and trust with your followers. If they see that you are sharing content that educates and amuses them and doesn’t always advertise your business, they’ll believe that you are credible and that your business/product is valuable. Thus, you should generate leads directly and indirectly. Most of the time, you should share blog posts, photos, YouTube videos, third-party content, etc. These are your indirect methods. During the 10-20% of postings, you should share content that directly sells your business. You can do so by creating a social media post that has a link to a landing page. Perhaps something like a 10% discount offer for your product along with a URL to the landing page.

Include Photos and Videos Another easy way to generate leads online is to share photos and videos, whether of your own product or something related to your product. These photos and videos can be informative, witty, humorous, creative, and just about anything that your buyer persona might enjoy. If you’re selling a unique coffee mug, for example, you can share social media posts with pictures of people sipping coffee from your original mug, or you can share a couple of pictures that show how your coffee mugs are designed. You can also post videos of people talking about your mug and what makes it the best. And since your buyer persona loves coffee, you might share third-party content that talks about the best coffee of all times. This is a great way to draw more people toward your business and generate leads.

keywords-stuffingUse Strong Keywords in Your Blog and Social Media Posts It is also highly important that you add strong, relevant keywords to your blogs and social media posts. These keywords will help your buyer persona find you online. If you’re selling customized hats, you would want to include a keyword in one of your blogs and social media posts that relates to hats, such as “hats with personal designs” or “hats with personal images.” When a potential customer is searching for similar keywords online, he or she will easily find you.

Generating leads online requires great content, whether in the form of blog posts or social media posts. If you can engage people with remarkable content, you will win them over.


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