storytelling in business

It is important to include corporate storytelling in business. Storytelling is an essential part of life. After all, we have been sharing stories since the beginning of man. It all started with cavemen carving their stories on cave walls (and perhaps even before then). Therefore, because storytelling is part of who we are, we should not shy away from it. Storytelling helps us connect with others. It makes us memorable. Here is how:

Through Your People

When your employees or coworkers talk to customers, they could share the business story too. This is a powerful way of telling more and more people about your business and making people appreciate your journey.

Through Video and Film

More and more people are choosing to share their stories through videos. Think of the success of YouTube. This social media channel works because it gets tons of people to share their stories and show their talents to the world. Why not share your business story this way too? Make a video telling a quick story about how your business came to be. Have your coworkers and employees present. Or maybe create an animation that tells the story of your business. Storytelling in business can be creative. Remember, people want to be entertained, and that is what sharing your story is all about.

Through Presentations and Even PowerPoint

brand-storytelling-content-marketing_1.jpgDo you have a meeting with a client or customer to sell them on a product, service, or business idea? Presentations and PowerPoints can be a great way to both inform them about the thing you are selling and share your story. Add some visuals that relate to your story and describe the path your business took to get to where it is now. People love hearing stories, and they have a better chance of bonding with you afterward.

Through Your Product and Service Packaging

Want to sell someone on your product or service package? Share a story. Storytelling in business is a great way to show someone why they need your product. What can your product do for them? How did you come up with it? What made you want to create it? Telling the story of that product can convince people that it is valuable for them

Through the Digital Universe

Social media is the perfect place to share your story. It is for this very reason why social media marketing is such a success. Think of how convenient and fast it is to share your story through social media. You can post a picture of your early business stages or a video telling your story and it will be seen by many visitors and get passed on.

Through Annual Reports

You can even tell a business story through annual reports. Just imagine sitting down in a meeting with all your coworkers or employees and sharing with them the annual report of that year. Which do you think is better? Telling them the data in a straightforward, plain-numbers kind of way or telling them the story of how their efforts payed off in a specific month when they all chipped in and contributed? Of course, it is better to go with the story, which not only motivates but lets them pay attention more and care about the report.


Give storytelling in business a chance and you will see that it can move mountains. Sharing your business story lets you connect with the world and be memorable.


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