The creation of a business logo is very essential, especially since it gives your potential buyer a specific message about the various parts of your organization’s brand. The logo, as a result, is more than just a name and image. It has to capture the eye, say something about your business, and not confuse the viewer. This brings us to the big question, is a logo art or design? Here’s how you can create the distinction and create the perfect logo design in Orlando. It is wise to remember that a logo is a mental trigger for your potential buyer. For instance, take a look at the two logo designs below. The one on the left is straightforward (utility-oriented); it tells the potential buyer all he needs to know about the brand. The logo on the right, however, doesn’t express a direct message (too artistic); it could literally be about anything, and this makes it confusing. Therefore, when creating your logo, keep in mind that art is for contemplation and design is for utility. If the design is too complicated or artistic, the viewer will “get lost” in the logo—even if it is very visually appealing. When this occurs, the 3 second mental trigger is lost on the buyer.

Your logo is one of your brand elements, and thus, it is important to the overall branding process. Here are some best practices when it comes to developing your logo:

Best practices for logo design

  1. Have several concepts sketched – Have several concepts developed so that you can compare, review, and choose the best logo design Orlando. Look at logo sketches. Often, when one creates directly from computer graphics, the logo looks or feels computerized.
  2. Clean and Simple – There are really two reasons behind this best practice. The first is that simple designs are easy to recognize, making your brand more memorable. Did you ever notice that young children will recognize a logo before they learn the alphabet?
  3. Scalability – Another reason for a simple design is that it helps the logo stay recognizable when you scale up or down the design. Therefore, your design should be tested for all sizes (small icons to large form, viewing on a screen or in print).
  4. Utilize the 3 second rule – Within 3 seconds, your logo should invoke a mental trigger of brand awareness. Today’s buyers often make their purchase decision based on brand recognition. So if the buyer can recognize your logo within 3 seconds, you know you’ve done a good job.
  5. Color – This is extremely crucial. Often a buyer will make their purchase decision for emotional reasons within the first five minutes. For that reason, emotional response is important. Studies have shown that over 60% of a visually invoked emotion is created by color. Here are some simple rules when selecting color:
  • Following our rule of simplicity, do not use more then 3-4 colors.
  • Avoid neon colors. They tend to disappear when your logo is scaled down in size.
  1. Black and White – Your logo design Orlando should also have value when it is only black and white (monochromatic). If it does not look good in black and white, it will probably not work in color. This is also important when considering non-color printing.
  2. Make your mark – A good logo design, a memorable mark, can bring to mind your brand without utilizing your organization’s name. Unless your logo is a typographic design of your company’s name, lettering should be disconnected from the logo image. Consider the Nike checkmark logo.
  3. No effects – Effects such as drop shadows and use of gradients can add to an image, but your logo should look good without such effects. Often, these effects can make your design look blurred or dull. Using such effects should be an addition to your logo and not part of your logo.
  4. What shape is your logo in? – Try to keep your logo as close as possible to a square layout. This will make your logo design Orlando much more usable when using different media and layouts.
  5. Work with a professional – Typically, organizations have someone internal working to design a logo. You should consider using a graphic design professional. They are versed in best practices for logo design. When it comes to design/utility, it is important to consider what works.

Next time you are working on your logo design Orlando, be sure to follow this best practices checklist to help develop the most ideal logo possible.

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